Picture of Realistic cut wound
Why, yes, I found a new hobby of mine, and that is making wounds. This one I'm gonna show you how to make realistic cuts... they look great!
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Step 1: The base

Picture of The base
Begin with a tissue. Place small pieces of it on the area you want to make your cut wound. Then cut it  wherever you want.

Step 2: Applying color

Picture of Applying color
Decide where your cuts shall be and color them using an eyeliner. I wanted three cuts, you can make even more, of course... :D

Step 3: Veins

Picture of Veins
In order to make it look realistic, I drew veins with eyeliner... (a blue one). Then I used a little bit make up foundation to cover them but, of course, not totally! :D

Step 4: Applying blood

Picture of Applying blood
Finally, apply red nail polish on your cuts. It shall be enough, but if you want you can drag the nail polish with eg a knife before it dries... A fantastic trick, isn't it! 
Here you go! You just finished your cut wound, hope you like it! 
acuchetto10 months ago
Ugh! Very scary!

I'll take that as a compliment! :P