Picture of Realistic vampire bite
Most of you already know i love vampires, if not you just learned something :D So, let's say I was just feeling jobless ... and I wanted to make something and I ended up making this, hope you like it. I wore my "vampire bite" for about seven hours and it still looked amazing!
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Step 1: The base

Picture of The base
Begin with a tissue. Place small pieces of it on the area you want to make your vampire bite. Ah, and don't forget! They shall be somehow wet... I used water but if you color it a little bit first, it would be great! :D

You can even apply glue first, to make it more long lasting :P 

Step 2: Apply color

Picture of Apply color
You can simply use a make up foundation, powder, or whatever

Step 3: Holes

Picture of Holes
Now this part is very important, and quite tricky. It's very easy to make if you know how to, but it's so hard if you don't. Use a make up pencil, apply a little bit pressure and voila. If you have a blood red one, it will look amazing, but even a black one like mine would be ok!

Step 4: Blood and bruises

Picture of Blood and bruises
Use a red nail polish, it looks nice, it's thick and it really looks like blood! Then use an eyeliner to make bruises around the bite area.

Step 5: Removal

Picture of Removal
Removing this is quite easy and not painful at all. Gently drag it and wash the area with warm water and soap. Like it never existed! :P :P 
libbyw1911 months ago
That is ace I tried it this was my face when I did it
2014 14:30.jpg

looks like you're thinking ewww! :D :D :P LOL!

Next time I'm posting a scarier tutorial! :D