This is a quick instructable showing how easy it is to take video from a kite.

Equipment needed:

Bamboo canes (1 or 2)
Some cable (zip) ties
A small handheld drill
Some tape (pvc electrical, or duct)
A junior hacksaw to cut bamboo pole to length (if needed)
A kite (I used a 2.4m2 cirrus kite)
A camera that can take a rough landing (I'm using a Kodak PlaySport outdoor camera, but GoPros would also work)

The basic theory is that kites produce quite a lot of lift, so adding a bit of extra camera weight shouldn't be too difficult.

Step 1: Bit of Bamboo Bracketry Pt 1

Given that the kite doesn't have anywhere sensible to attach a camera, we'll need to create some form of bracket. I chose bamboo, because it is:

easily workable

So it seems to fit the bill well. The form of the bracket developed over the course of our experiments. We first tried with an X-brace configuration, but this was soon found to be too vulnerable during landing. The design was simplified to a single bamboo pole which ran between each of the power line bridles.

Before heading out, I made sure the poles were long enough. I needed poles of 1700mm for my 2.4m2 kite to adequately reach between the bridles.

To attach the pole to the bridle I drilled a hole through the pole and used a cable tie to attach it to the main power line (see photo). Do this at both ends to form a bamboo 'bar' across your power lines.
Were you steering the kite in the video ? I'm thinking a more stable single line kite might be a better choice because all that movement was just annoying and really not useful .Thanks for the info I'll try this on one of the more stable kites I have .
yep, it's four line kite so it was steerable. It was just quite a gusty day as you can probably see! <br>If you want a stable aerial shot, you'll need a very stable kite and steady wind. Whereas I deliberately tried to steer the kite to get shots of some of the wider park scenery as proof that you can film more than just the patch of ground immediately below you.
Thanks for the heads up on that .

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