Picture of Really Easy Bike Pannier
Having been put off by the price of commercial bike panniers (you can easily spend £40!!!), I decided to go about making my own. I wanted something removable, and well secured (the streets of London have rather a lot of holes in them).

The other day I went past an army surplus store, and found a small bag that was perfect for the task! It is rather small (too small for a laptop), but perfect for a change of clothes, and some lunch. It also had quite a few hooks and rings which made it perfect for attaching to a bike.

This instructable has been inspired by all of the other main pannier instructables. I would like to think of it as a 'best of', and as such claim no originality.

On we go.....
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
- Suitable bag. Army surplus bags are great for this as they are tough, and usually have a load of rings. Mine was a tenner, can't beat that!

- Bungee cord. I got a pack of 5 x 90cm (just under 3ft) for £9.99 from a local hardware store. You can probably find them cheaper, try eBay.

- Ring from a keyring (the metal bit keys go on). Free from an old keyring.

Step 2: Preparing The Bag

Picture of Preparing The Bag
Depending on your bag, you may want to line it to prevent the stuff inside from getting wet. Mine comes with a lining, so I'm going to risk it and leave it as is. YMMV.

Also regarding straps (we still want to use this as a bag), find a way to tuck them away. I tucked mine between my shoes in the side pocket!
I have the same exact bag! I m using it like a bike bag too, but in the front of my bike, hang up to the handlebars
what rack do you have?
YMMV: your mileage may vary.
I was stupid also.