Really Easy Way to Start and Make the Full Persian Chain Mail Weave


Introduction: Really Easy Way to Start and Make the Full Persian Chain Mail Weave

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Many chain mail weaves are easy......once you get started.  So here is a really simple solution to get you started on the Full Persian chain mail weave without tearing your hair out!

I used 18G 1/4" bright aluminum and bronze rings, a couple of wire ties and a stainless steel clasp.  The two colors not only help with the instruction but also adds to the design. The bronze rings will patina to a darker color. Otherwise this piece is low maintenance and inexpensive to make.

This voiceless video was the first one I ever made. The rings are not always closed as well as they should as I was concentrating on not knocking the camera over!  But you'll get the idea.

Please check my Full Persian Chain Mail Tutorial post for the full text tutorial with pictures.

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    Do you have any more tutorials? There are a few that I'm looking for specifically, and with how easy you make this one seem, I'd love it if you could post others!! I would love to see Candy Cane Cord, Half Persian 4 in 1, cloud cover, and really any others that you could post! Thank you so much for these, I'm new to chain mail, and this is very helpful!

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    Thanks so much Carolyn for your enthusiasm. I do have one other chain mail tutorial and that is for the Byzantine.

    I generally write other types of tutorials on my blog. I also curate a ton of others. So please explore here :

    I've also reviewed many chain mail books!

    There is one I absolutely recommend if you are a beginner :

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks for this! Its the first tutorial I've found for full persian that's made any sense.

    This is GREAT. I was confused as to how it differed from Byzantine, and now it's clear.

    Thank you very much for making this video, I found that after watching I was able to immediately grab rings and successfully accomplish this weave! This was so very helpful!! I love this weave now and am experimenting with alternation of two colors! I am very happy and will be following to see what else you teach. Video was very clear and easy to follow! Great job, as I am a novice at chainmaille and love it, this was wonderfully do-able!!

    Thank you very much for this refresher video. I used to make these for zipper pulls and stopped for a while. When I picked up my pliers, I could not remember how to even get started. After watch the first part of the video I picked up and started making the 'pulls' at about 5 minutes each using 1/4 inch loops made from 16 guage brass wire. I also made loops for chain mail weaving out of steel wire. Source for the steel wire is the local Farm and Fleet store. 17 gauge electric fence wire... Works great. THANKS!

    I'm glad, apburner! We all need little reminders if we haven't done something for a long time.

    This is my favorite weave. I haven't done it in several years and had forgotten how. You struct was very helpful in jogging my memory.

    Thank you so much for posting this. Every other tutorial for this weave I had found was crazy confusing. HUGE help to me. Thank you!

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