Really Grilled Cheese Sandwiches





Introduction: Really Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

These are actually cooked on the grill. It's been my experience that many people have never cooked hot cheese sandwiches this way. They are tasty, easy, and fast.

You need:
Sliced Cheese -- use a variety of cheeses to spice these up: pepper jack, colby, cheddar, etc.
Slippery Condiment* -- use butter, margarine, or mayonnaise. This must be the "full fat" version. Margarine or mayo that is "light" will not release from the grill easily.

*Flavor your spread if you'd like. Garlic, dill, or smoke flavoring stirred in it makes it even better!

Step 1: Prep

Get the grill going. Medium heat is perfectly sufficient for this.

Spread your butter/margarine/mayo on the outsides of your bread. I stack them in pairs with the spread on the inside until I'm ready to put it on the grill.

Step 2: Cheesin'

Distribute on your cheese(s) however you'd like them. Don't be afraid to mix them up. That's the joy of grilled cheese!

Step 3: Cook

Place the cheesed bread and the non-cheesed bread on the grill side-by-side, butter side down.
Close the lid. Give it a minute or two--the time all depends on your grill. The cheese should start to melt a bit. Check the non-cheesed bread slices. When it starts to get toasty looking, put it on top of the cheesed piece. Give it a little pat with your spatula to adhere the cheese to the plain bread. Check the bottom bread to make sure it's done, then use a spatula to remove it from the grill.

That's it!



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Oh noo, must not drool , must not drool:)))Great idea, gotta try it!

I like to make grilled cheese in a waffle iron. It gunks up the waffle iron, but it's fantastic. The bread and cheese merge into a flat waffle-shaped hunk of awesomeness.

You should make an Instructable about that. I'll bet my kids would love it!

Good idea. I'll try to get to work on that soon.

i´m hungry now! thank you very much!!

If your hungry, then make a sandwich ;)

is that necisareri because if so i think i know the difrence between chese and toast and grilled chese

If you read all of the steps you'll see that the buttered side actually ends up on the grill. This method of stacking the bread pieces with the butter between them is to keep them in neat piles prior to putting them on the grill and to keep butter on one side of the bread.

ok just if your wondering cheese on toast is a individual slice of plain toasted bread toped with melted cheese some times the cheese comes with wotecer souce

 Now you made me hungry!!!

lol :)