This Instructable isn't very challenging but it is very handy.

I have a 'thing' for magnets; I have dozens and dozens of them and all of them are working for me - doing something useful.

Step 1: Easy to Find / Handy to Use

One of my favorite sources of magnets is old speakers. If it isn't usable as a speaker, it isn't still junk. Not for me, anyway. I just remove the magnet (and the coil of magnet wire below it, often as not).

This is how to do it:

First, clamp the metal frame of the speaker in a bench vise. Clamp it good and tight.

Second, using a dull chisel, separate the magnet from the frame. They are usually riveted together, except the smaller, cheaper models. Just position the end of the chisel where the magnet and frame join and whack it soundly with a hammer.

The magnet will fall off, usually with the first hit.
<p>Great idea! I also figure that magnets from microwave transformers would work as well.</p>
<p>Totally, focking brilliant! Thanks for the share.</p>
<p>Mind is blown, I've wanted a use for these things for years. Now to figure out where I've hidden the pile I've undoubtedly hoarded away somewhere. </p>
<p>Brilliant idea! ^_^</p>
<p>Thanks. </p><p>I don't think I will ever have enough magnets - I have stuff hanging from close to a dozen and still need more.</p>
Nice Idea, I think I'm gonna do this today for all my pen screw drivers laying aroung
Great idea for saving many small tools from disappearing, as usually happens to me.
clever and brilliant. im gonna do this, but drill a hole in the magnet and hang it using a bolt through the center so it can spin, allowing me to utilize the entire circumference of the magnet. man, what a great idea... im always looking for magnets too, and always forgetting the large ones in speakers.
Ouch!(after hitting self in the forehead with the heel of my palm). <br>Why didn't i think of this, I also am a fan of, speaker magnets! I have screwdrivers and various other small metal items strewn across my workbench. A pair or two of vintage Alpine car stereo speakers ought to do the trick. Thanks!
I love magnets; I use them for everything.

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