In this Instructable, I'm going to show you how to really irritate your friends, family and your poor dog...

A friend of mine recently visited the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) convention here in Vegas. One of the freebees he brought back with him was the most obnoxious noisemakers I'd ever hear. Of course, it had some obscure company's name printed all over it. Well, looking it over I thought, "Hey! I could make this!" Today, I did.

Watch the video. It's not as irritating on the recording, but when you try out your own, don't blame me if your dog starts howling along!

Sorry about the distortion at the begining of the video. You Tube added that.

Step 1: Get Your Supplies

The photo shows what I thought I'd need. As it turned out, the glue wasn't necessary. If you're careful with the moto-tool in the following steps, you won't need it either. The glue's purpose is only to seal leaks.

1 - Empty 35mm Film Container.
1 - Empty (or disposable) Lip Balm Container.
1 - Rubber Binder (back in MI, we called them "rubber bands")
1 - New or Used (clean) Latex Glove or Balloon.


Scissors (See picture)
Silicon or Super Glue (may not need)
I'll be honest with you people. you try that around me my tin snips will slip and cut your fingers off. Apperently, your parents didn't teach you not to bother others, but I ain't them and care less whether you live or die or can even feed yourselves. Remember that when you do something that bothers other s. After all elephants have ling memories too and would just stomp you for being obnoxious.
Gr8...I've been planning to do this for some days - and today my son wanted to do something (well , three things , to be precise ) for his school project . Luckily I had bought a couple of balloons at the fair yesterday . A 9" PVC pipe (with 3/4 inch diameter ) and a talcum powder tin which had matching dia opening at the top made things easier . Cut a similar dia hole at the bottom and 4 holes around the big hole for the air to pass . . . .Whoa - it sounds pretty good ! Thanx !!
Now your ready for new years<br>
I bought one of these at a $2 shop. It sounds like a vuvuzela.
&quot;blow and prepare for your dog to attack you!&quot; <br>famous last words, indeed! <br>nice job!
Now all I need is an air pump and a timer to make it randomly go off. Then I can put it in a random classroom of another grade.
Ive seen one that lights up when you blow it. These are fun to use.
... a kazoo?
I've made one of this thing when i was a kid, build this with an elongate cylindrical chamber will produce louder noise. But i used cut out balloon as the diaphragm, similar to kitemans.
Hey, that looks like a mini version of Robt. Hope-Jones' Diaphone. I have a hunch that if you used a longer tube instead of the lipstick tube, you'd get a lower pitch. LV, does it tend to get raunchy sounding if you increase the pressure?
No. It just gets louder... Perhaps if I drill a larger hole I can increase the presure a bit.
I think sometimes YouTube drops the first keyframe of a video. As many codecs use frame differencing between keyframes to compress the footage, you get all those grey blocks (the digitally measured difference from one frame to the next) if you don't have a keyframe at the start. Try uploading your video again, or transcoding your video with a different codec before uploading.
Thanks! I'll try that.
Snap!<br/><br/><a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/E0QEYGEUJIEV2Z50E5/">http://www.instructables.com/id/E0QEYGEUJIEV2Z50E5/</a><br/><br/>I think if you use your tube and my diaphragm you could scare dogs streets away...<br/><br/>(BTW, reference the pocketable comment, mine still works if you trim the straw close to the cannister)<br/>
I did acknowledge your instructable below. I don't know how much better a ballon would be for the diaphragm than the latex glove. It would be a bit thicker, but I'd have to test to see the difference.
Not a problem. I think the balloon is better because of its elasticity - I tried a latex glove on a larger version, and it worked, but not so well, because it didn't spring back against the tube so quickly, plus it ripped more easily. My first horn used a pen-tube cut short, but I used a straw for my "production" model because I often use my instructables with groups of kids aged 9-12, so I try and keep them simple.
This has already been posted, although this version is slightly different. What's with the sudden wave of repeated instructables?
The two are similar, but the <strong>LV</strong> device has a pre-tensioned diaphragm, i.e. there's no adjustment of the straw. Depending upon the amount of tension you install, this is either a design advantage, or disadvantage.<br/>
How is this a constructive comment? If you're not going to say, "Hey, that looks like this, and I like them both," why say anything at all? There are multiple right ways to do the same thing, and each way makes a valid Instructable.
Well I do like them both. Even though they are basically the same. I'm not trying to be a troll or anything, i'm just saying.
I find that fascinating, since I didn't use someone else's design. I just used what I had. Care to show me the other "duplicate" Instructable? I couldn't find it.
Okay... I acknowledge that Kiteman did indeed have a similar Instructable titled <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.instructables.com/id/E0QEYGEUJIEV2Z50E5/">Blow your own air-horn</a> back in December of last year. It took some searching to find it! <br/><br/>While there are surprising similarities, this Instructable was completely independantly developed and used a very different process of construction. The device I took the idea from had a 1 piece plastic casting with the diaphragm sealed on the open end.<br/>
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.instructables.com/id/E0QEYGEUJIEV2Z50E5/">This</a> is the one. I personally prefer LasVegas's...although the construction will take a couple minutes more, the absence of a straw makes the whole thing at least appear more sturdy, and more &quot;pocketable&quot;. Video is also a good thing in this case; I had visions of it making a rasping sound till I heard it.<br/>
i get how it works and it looks cool 5 stars ***** thats something i can understand<br/>

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