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At long last, my 2nd instructable!!!

This is fan for you or your computer that runs off any avalable USB port. I reccomend it for beginners into electronics, right up to the pro's.

It is easy and fun, you can make in literally five minites!!!
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Step 1: Parts and Stuff

USB 3.jpg
First you'll need to find the parts and stuff.Basicly, you'l need:

1 3-9v motor with blades (out of mini fan) (pictured below (without blades)

1 USB cable (can be ANY of the three types shown below, as long as it has the same wire layout

Some (tiny amount) solder

Switch (optional)

Nescessary tools (wire stripper/cutter, soldering iron, tape)

Step 2: The Building

The buildig part is really simple.

First, cut the cable at the non-male end( its usually square or smll). Then strip the USB cable and solder thee RED and BLACK wires to their respective contacts on the motor (experiment to see which way makes the prop will push the air FORWARD)

If you're adding a switch, you might need to solder some extra wire depending on where you want it to go, but I didnt 'cause its more practical to use the plug as a switch).

Then Isolate the ramaining wires, tape it up and you're ready to go!
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TECHTRAKER1 year ago


ac1D6 years ago
put 3 motor, no need of resister:)
2 Motors (USB voltage 4.5-5.8).
Musicman414 years ago
you are complaining about your 3 year old computer???  Mine is 5 years old and still works just fine!  Many people in other countries would be glad to have you computer.  You should be thankful for what you have!  You dont need a new computer every year!
chrisg17115 years ago
I am not an electrical engineer,yet this will work. What I am not sure of is the effect on the internal circuitry without voltages being a constant.So in essence, it works, but prolonged usage may have consequences,( unless there is an engineer that can reiterate on this). My modem was overheating, so I placed a USB fan next to it and it works great! Your homemade version is the same thing, except I know that my fan was engineered for this purpose. See attached photo:
RedGuff6 years ago
The computer output is 5V, not 9V.
neardood (author)  RedGuff6 years ago
Sry, my multimetre is screwed up from the cattle prod tazer expirement i did.
childB neardood6 years ago
ha, same. i tried to measure the voltage on a piezo electric sparker... didn't end so well for my $10 multimeter.
neardood (author)  childB6 years ago
lol XD i'l tell you its about a million volts at an extremely low current
I should put a couple billion in parallel and see if my step brother likes it then...
what is the voltage on those things?
umm, if i remember correctly, it's several thousand, and an almost immeasurably low amperage.
awang8 RedGuff6 years ago
Yeah, but 5v is in the 3-9 range isn't it? I'm sure it goes like 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 not just 9.
What he said...
lolcat3606 years ago
i have a 1.5 volt motor and i used a 9 volt battery and it works fine it just goes faster
neardood (author)  lolcat3606 years ago
trust me, if you leave it on it'l eventually get really hot and die
try it.
Ok, Just tried 60V on a 5V motor, Still works fine.
60 volts!!!!!
Yep, 60 Volts Worth of half-dead 9V Batteries.(tested with a multimeter) It spun superfast, and smelled kind of bad, but it still worked :)
anyway it will not die if you put some resistor or make a case to put a 2 AA battery with a motor in it and a fan~~! :)
I have a 1.5 volt motor and 9 volt battery, it used to work, but now it only works with a 1.5 volt battery. And it sometimes needs to be rotated to start the movements.
it seems to be a cheap motor...
neardood (author)  DrCoolSanta6 years ago
joinaqd6 years ago
pretty good i must say..but what if you accidentally stop the fan with your hands?the motherboard will get burned and you cant use ur pc anymore...happened to my laptop when i plugged in my flash drive with twisted laptop usb drive works nomore.
No, the motherboard will not fry, the usb section has a current limiter, and all of that safety stuff, so that if you were dumb enough to put your hand in the way of the fan in the first place, then it wouldn't cost you a comp.
neardood (author)  joinaqd6 years ago
the fan blades I used were flexible plastic ones that were held out by the centrifuge of the rotating motor shaft.
PKM6 years ago
"Since I used a 3-Volt motor, and the Computer's Output is 9 Volts" I believe the power rail in USB is at 5 volts, not 9, so your 3V fan can probably deal with it for a while at least. If you want it to run slower you might want to put a resistor (a variable resistor would be better) in series with it to limit the voltage.
neardood (author)  PKM6 years ago
good idea. insted of controling the speed with teh computer, u could use a variabble resistor from a radio or something with inbuilt switch 2 vary speed!
controllling the speed with computer?? you nevar said that and theres no vire or chip that doest that, BAD INSTRUCTABLE
Hey, be nice. if you want to critisize, then make it constructive. How do you think that he could improve the instructable with the words: "BAD INSTRUCTABLE?"
neardood (author)  santy226 years ago
its not a bad instructable. it won a prize.
(removed by author or community request)
sorry i couldn't flag you as "ignorant" :D Have a Nice Day :D
neardood (author)  geeklord6 years ago
lol owned XD
Darn, I can't remember what he said!!!!!!!!
No. Your comment- Fail. Use a pot to control the speed if you must. Besides, it does what it says it does: A motor... powered by USB. Its not rocket science. If you want computer controlled, you will have to add a lot more circuitry. But it does what he says it does.
neardood (author)  DBLinuxLover6 years ago
the idea is that its easy. I could've made it like that if I wanted to; its in my potential its just not worth it cause where I am I cant get the parts, don't have the time, ect.
awang8 PKM6 years ago
Don't resistor's limit the current?
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