Step 2: Mock Up and Mark-Up

Picture of Mock Up and Mark-Up
random_iphone_pics 001.jpg
  • Place the feet on the roof about where you want them. Near the corners of the roof where it is strongest is probably best. 
  • Grab a few of the conduit clamps.  Lay one of the conduit cross-bars across the roof and set it on the feet. Hold on to it so it doesn't roll off.  The clamps will sort of clip on to the conduit by themselves.  Clip one on directly over the foot on whichever side of the vehicle you are standing.  This should keep it from rolling off while you move to the other side.  On the other side, clip on another clamp.
  • Adjust the position of the bar and the clamps until everything is sitting pretty much how you would like it when it is done.  Don't worry about the bars not resting flat on the feet if your roof is curved. We deal with that in the next step.
  • Using a marker, mark the positions of the clamps on the cross-bar and their positions over the feet.  This is just a starting point, before the clamps are tightened you can adjust their position along the bar.
  • If you think the bars will be wider than you need, now would be the best time to cut off the excess length from one side.