Really Easy Knex Gun





Introduction: Really Easy Knex Gun

This knex gun can be very powerfull with the right elastic bands. This is my first gun that I've posted so constructive critisism is welcome.

Step 1: Making the Barrel

1) Put 11 white connectors between 2 grey rods like so
2) Loop an orange connector onto a grey rod like so (this is the trigger)
3) Put another 5 white connectors between the grey rods like before, after the orange connector
4) After those 5 white connectors put 11 yellow connectors
5) At the end put a small green rod on the end yellow connector (this is the sight)

Step 2: Making the Pin

1) Connect a yellow connector to a grey rod like so
2) Put tape aroud the connection like so (this is important because if you don't, when you shoot the rod will come out as well)

Step 3: Making the Handel

1) You need 2 yellow rods
2) Attach 2 red connectors onto the yellow rods and attach them together with a green rod like so
3) Do it again but the other way around
4) keep going until you have filled up all the space

Step 4: Putting It Together

1) Attach the handel by the ends of the yellow rods onto the bottom of the barrel as shown
2) Put the pin down the barrel

Step 5: Applying the Elastic Bands

1) take a big, thick elastic band
2) attach it to the pin like so
3) stretch it along the barrel
4) and rest at the end like in the picture
5) take a smaller elastic band
6) attach it to the pin the other way around from the thick one
7) stretch along the barrel
8) and rest at the end of the white connectors like shown in the picture.

Step 6: Loading and Firing

1) pull the pin back so it passes the trigger
2) move the trigger so that it stops the pin from shooting
3) put a white rod down the barrel
4) push trigger down to shoot




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    This gun works awesome! I had to slide the handle forwards so that my small kid hands could reach the trigger though. I made several other guns based on this. With the rubber bands I used, it was so powerful that I could (sort of) fire a 3-foot K'nex rocket!

    Great advice MI6. Don't pay anyheed to their negative remarks miniman. Also i would like to add, they are ignoring the codes of conduct stated when you make an account on this website(you know, the ones you have to click i accept on)*wink*. "Ibles" promotes a freindly and constructive environment people. Nobody wants to hear your snide remarks because you think your better than everyone else. This is a great knex gun keep up the good work.5 stars.=)

    the white piece i have wouldnt go in my gun all the way. So i used a gray piece as a ramrod. GREAT gun!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!

    i shot a curly tailed lizard today with this gun and i think it killed him :'(

    it uses a lot of parts, accept its an awesome looking gun and shoots far, what's cool is i didnt tape it and a yellow and grey rod goes flying!

    wow tjis is a cool gun! it's the firs one working and it shoots up to 8 meters! thank you i hope you make more instructions for new guns.

    awesome gun! so cool (its my first working gun)