Really Easy Knex Gun





Introduction: Really Easy Knex Gun

this is a really easy knex gun to make. but it is only powerful if you have a good rubber band. still you should not shoot it at anyone's eyes or face.

Step 1: Parts You Need

these are the parts you will need to make this gun:

23 white connectors
4 gray end pieces
3 gray rods
6 yellow rods
3 white rod
1 rubber band

Step 2: Building the Body of the Gun

the body is acctually very simple to make

first take one of the gray rods and start putting white connectors on it. then put the firing pin release on the gray connector after the 8th connector. now you continue putting on the white connectors on until you have used them all. after you are done doing that put another gray rod on the other side

Step 3: The Firing Pin

for this step you will need one gray rod, three gay connectors and a rubber band.

first take the gray rod and snap two of the connectors on side ways then clip the other connector on to the end. when you are done, put the rubber band through the hole on the end of the gray connector.

Step 4: Start Putting Thing Together

first you need to insert the rods that you put the rubber bands on. then you will have to put in the firing pin an loop the rubber bands around the white rods

note: when you are done this step, push the rubber bands down to the bottom of the white rods. if you dont they could fly off and hit you.

Step 5: Grips (optional)

the grips on this gun are optional. they are just for looks. they do make it a little easier to hold though.

if you want them just slide the left over six yellow rods into the bottom and side of the gun.



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     block trigger crap. 2 stars

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    But what do mean?

    Dude my first comment is in step three... Anaway, the guns great, but i dont undestand how to shoot!!!

    Can you please change the three 'gay' connectors to three 'gray' connecters. Thanks

    good one :) although I haven't finished it yet, the pictures are more clear than most are

    dude i like your gun, and i like to build easy knex guns or hard knex guns i don't really matter witch one.

    no its not lol

    this argument is sort of getting boring... let's agree that some beginner guns are cool, but after a while of copies it just gets boring.

    Finally, someone understands the most basic of all problems!