Really Simple Idea to Condence and Carry Ammo.




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Introduction: Really Simple Idea to Condence and Carry Ammo.

I see this as a great idea to carry some extra ammo with you in a pouch or custom made bag/BOB that is slightly easier to store and place in smaller areas around the house, car, garage, shed etc.



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    I like the idea of the Bianchi Speed Strips and have seen them but I really like the fact that with this project I am using something I have already paid for that usually gets tossed out.

    Make your own faux speed strips. Get an old inner tube and cut 3/4" x 4" strips out of it then use some kind of hole punch to make little circles in the strips around the diameter of pencil erasers. You'll be able to slip the rounds in each hole and have some retention from the elasticity.

    Interesting, I will look into that and maybe branch into a new idea also, thank you for your comment.