Realtek RTL8710 Alternative to ESP8266....


Introduction: Realtek RTL8710 Alternative to ESP8266....

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Couple of years ago ESP8266 came and it changed the entire hobbyist community. ESP8266 which gave just about any microcontroller access to a wireless network. Users were able to program it using arduino IDE or OTP. ESP8266 was also a very low cost way to make IOT projects.

But now there is new wifi Module RTL8710 which is not even more powerful but also cheaper then ESP8266. Lets have a a look on RTL8710
RTL8710 is a very small in size but very power full module, it comes with ARM Cortex-M3 processor which is running at 166MHz. RTL8710 has 48Kb of RAM and 1Mb of Flash. RTL8710 has 21 GPIO, upto 3 I2C, upto 2 PCM, 4 PWM and 2 high-speed uart and one low speed uart. For Wi-Fi, it has a speed of up to 150 Mbps over an 802.11n connection and a top speed of 54 Mbps over 802.11g. RTL8710 runs FreeRTOS. it rans at 3.0V to 3.6V. The current consumption of RTL8710 is around 80mA.

there are companies who are already looking into making devices and breakout for it like this RTL8710 breakout board .

Step 1: RTL8710 VS ESP8266

A basic comparison between RTL8710 and ESP8266.

RTL8710 Relay board info can be found over here.



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    What about programming the device? How, Arduino IDE?

    3 replies

    +1 I like to use it with Arduino! And RTL have any analog inputs like ESP-12 ?

    it comes with freeRTOS.. so i believe Arduino lib could be ported..
    Yes it does have analog pins..( acc to its Chinese datasheet)..

    "could be" True, but it isnt, at least the available ports are far from complete and their install is already tedious

    Sounds interesting, although the datasheet and docs are quite minimalistic.

    We have set-up a dedicated forum for this module, you can find it on We try to gather all information we can on this forum.

    Wow! Very interesting. I'm an old PC tech and Realtek gear has always been a favorite of mine ever since I started doing this back in the 90's. Hopefully this is a game changer, because honestly I haven't found the ESP8266 to be reliable.