Picture of Reanimating Grandpas old DIY WWII Compressor
I have to paint several parts on my car and therefore I wanted to use one of the old compressors which stand around in the cellar since my grandfather died According to my dad hey build them out of old airplane compressors from planes which where shot during WWII. He drove round the villages and collected this stuff. Must be genetic somehow ;) At first I had to choose one of the two compressors. I`m a pretty lazy guy, so I choose the complete one with a motor in it. Disassemble, clean, reassemble => use... I thought :D
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Step 1: Shock No.1

Picture of Shock No.1
As you can see on the pictures the compressor was totally rotten inside. Everything was covered or nearly eaten up by the rust. But after disassembling, cleaning and reassembling ( everything with metric tools on inch bolts) the compressor really worked. the Problem is the rustparticles comming out of the tank and the lack of power... so of to the next one.

Step 2: Compressor No. 2 => Nice Surprise

Picture of Compressor No. 2 => Nice Surprise
This compressor had no motor, but when I turned the wheel it seemed to work. I opened up the head and was lucky to find nearly no rust at all. After a little cleaning and finding out how it works I put on new liquid gasket and reassembled it. Next step was the motor

Step 3: Choosing the right Motor

Picture of Choosing the right Motor
By looking at grandpas old electric motors I soon found one which exactly fitted the mount points on the compressor cart. Less work for me :) I placed it and wired it. Good to know for this old electric stuff: groung is red, not green and yellow as nowadays ;)