Introduction: Rear Drum Brakes Inspection - Honda Civic 1999.

Picture of Rear Drum Brakes Inspection - Honda Civic 1999.

Twice a year I like to check out those reclusive drum brakes. The first step is to remove the rear wheel and lift the car.

Step 1: Taking a Look.

Picture of Taking a Look.

The drum brake cover is easy to slide out and off. These things are not supposed to be tight.

Step 2: Inspection!

Picture of Inspection!

The piston boots, clips, Springs and brake shoes look good. The wear in the shoes are acceptable.

Step 3: Cleaning.

Picture of Cleaning.

Using a 1 inch brush I removed the build up of crud in the brake assembly. I also cleaned the cover. Once satisfied the brakes were clean enough, I reassembled and put back on the tire.

The same process was done for the other rear drum brake. That side proved to be in good condition as well.


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