Picture of Reattaching rear vew mirror to the windshield
As it always happens with old cars, some really unusual things start to brake. It's almost like all of the parts of the car are asking for retirement, while I'm forcing them to serve year after year. This time it's the rear view mirror, which came off very unexpectedly in the middle of our drive to Carmel. Well, another reason to go to TechShop (http://www.techshop.ws), where I've been doing all car related fixes. They have a car port adjacent to metal shop, which I used to make this repair.

So, let's get to it. You will need to purchase Rear View Mirror Glue from your local auto-store and it's only about $4. You will also need a flashlight, pair of latex gloves, some isopropyl alcohol, paper towels and dry erase marker.

Step 1: Sanding the metal button

Picture of Sanding the metal button
First step -- scrape of the remainder of the old glue. And to do that it's better to use disc sander, as you really want to create a flat surface, rather than using sandpaper and a block.

There is a disc sander in the metal shop, which can do this job perfectly. In the photo below the disc is actually spinning, but flash created a "stop action" effect. Second photo shows what the surface looks like after sanding.
flyingpuppy3 years ago
I'm laughing, imagining what brought you to write this 'ible. One thing to remember: MAKE SURE THE MIRROR IS TURNED THE RIGHT WAY before you glue it back. Cuz it won't come off when you need it to (as my brother will tell you).