Picture of Rebecca's Outfit
Rebecca’s Outfit is a running accessory designed to motivate the runner to keep a fast pace by subjecting him/her to horrendous music. Rebecca’s Outfit will play a song on the annoyance level of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”; if the runner is running fast, the song will play faster than the normal playback rate, and if the runner is standing still, the song will play slower than the normal playback rate. If the runner wants the song to be over more quickly (and also sound more hilarious) he/she will surely be motivated to keep running at a fast pace.

An additional component is a pair of sunglasses with a row of LEDs on top. The LEDs will blink with increasing frequency as the runner’s speed increases.

This is accomplished by an Arduino with a Wave Shield to play music, and an accelerometer to calculate the speed of the runner.
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Step 1: Materials list

Arduino (we used the Uno SMD, but theoretically you could use another)
Wav Shield http://www.ladyada.net/make/waveshield/
Accelerometer http://datasheet.octopart.com/MMA1260EG-Freescale-Semiconductor-datasheet-142002.pdf
Soldering supplies
12 volt battery
SD card
old sunglasses
on/off switch
Hot glue

Step 2: Arduino hardware

Picture of Arduino hardware
1. Put together the Wave Shield according to the instructions on the website (http://www.ladyada.net/make/waveshield/make.html).

2. Put the accelerometer on a breakout board.

3. Connect the accelerometer by soldering wires to the proper pins on the shield - 5 volts power to pin 6, ground to pin 7, and analog input 0 to pin 4. It’s probably best to use header pins for stability.

4. Solder a wire long enough to reach from your hip to your face (will be connected to LEDs) to digital pin 7 long enough to reach from your hip to your face (or another digital pin, but you’ll have to change the code).

5. Solder a wire long enough to reach from your hip to your face (will also connect to LEDs) to the ground pin.

6. Plug in the shield to the Arduino.
static4 years ago
Featured at www.hackaday.com way to go, but it exposes you to harsh critics.