Rebinding a SketchBook Using Wasted Cardboard





Introduction: Rebinding a SketchBook Using Wasted Cardboard

About: I work in architecture visualization and love art, design, 3D printing, airsoft, and night vision.

My old sketchbook was falling apart, it wasn't filled up yet, I wanted to keep using it, it had the correct rings for rebinding, and there was a lot of cardboard. Enough said.... My art teacher even gave me a grade for it! (I got full credit) The result is an interesting looking sketchbook, fully rebinded with sturdy cardboard, and with minimal waste. It's cheaper than buying a new sketchbook, and it gives your creations a new life.



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     Awsome job if you would paint it ,it would look better keep up good work!

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    Painting it might soak and warp the cardboard, though. It'd have to be put on very thinly, right?

    if you put on a thin enough coat to kind like just to give a stained color would look nice just don't over do it with paint.

    Yeah, that's a good idea. Or actual wood stain, if that's the effect you want. I used it on a cardboard project once and it worked very nicely :)

    I don't know whether to paint it or not. I love the way it looks without it, but it does look plain... If I do paint it, I'll make some TRON-style stencils and paint circuit board patterns on it in different colors...

    The pressure contact plastic sheets inside an old keyboard look "Tronish".

    Now that's just pretty. The wire was a brilliant idea, and the pencil holder/latch works very well aesthetically, too.

    Nicely done!