Step 9: Success!

All that's left now is to reinstall them, fire up the car, and marvel at your brand new OEM electroluminescent lights!

A couple notes-

I ordered the White electroluminescent panels. You could technically do any color, but I believed White would be closest to the original look. Yellow might imitate the glow of 'normal' bulbs, and I suppose other colors would certainly give you a unique look. Just check with your local laws before slapping blue and red lights on your vehicle. A safe bet is to go with White, and alter brightness and color as desired by inserting colored plastic or paper between the EL panels and lenses. Just be sure it's exactly how you want it before resealing them!

My apologies for the low quality pictures. They were taken on a cell phone, so aren't perfect. If you're somewhere in Utah and want to see things in person, just drop me a line.

So what did I do with the spare EL panel? Well, that's the subject for another Instructable :)
This tutorial was extremely informative, I was able to rebuild the opera lamps on both my 1981 Buick Riviera as well as my 1987 Cadillac Brougham. Will a little trial and error now I feel like an expert, and I also figured out how to color change the normally pink el tape to white for opera lamp use. So much fun!
Could you please email me? I have a 1989 caddy deville, have some questions about the inverter, mattrdione@gmail, thanks
I can tell you the 89 deville had opera lights with a built-in inverter just like the units on my riviera. I just used an inverter for each individual light unlike the units on the brougham which had one inverter mounted in the trunk to which I just splices wires to connect it there.
Hi! My buddy and I want to follow your instructions and get my 1989 Eldorado Biarritz opera lamps working again--actually the driver's side is still shining brightly. However, the Ebay link and products you mention for purchase on Ebay aren't working and do not come up. Suggestions???
Care to bounce ideas off each other? 1989 coupe deville, mattrdione@gmail.com
Please please please, someone send me a picture of what the orginal inverter looks like hooked up? I took it out like 5 years ago and would have no idea how to plug a new one back in to the wires or splice an aftermarket one like in the tutorial. I need help with that part...anyone car to chat about it? 1989 cadillac coupe deville, mattrdione@gmail.com
can you please email me at a101ramirez@yahoo.com I have a few questions on how to do this...I want to rebuild my Cadillac Fleetwood Opera lamps..Thank you a101ramirez@yahoo.com
Hi! Did you ever get your response? How did your opera lamps turn out? Can you give my buddy and I any advise? Alan @ sologate@ymail.com
<p>Sorry for the late response ...no he did not..I still want to do my lights...did u do yours? How did they turn out????? A101ramirez@yahoo.com</p>
<p>this is great, to replace a side light. What about instrument lights?</p>
Very interesting and a great job repairing them. I remember those opera style lights on cars when I was a kid. I also remember looking at the amount that have burnt out over time. All these years, I figured they had a simple 12 volt bulb or two in them creating the illumination. I would have never guessed they, or at least GM did on this model, used a high tech of sorts solution for low tech exterior illumination. Although I'm sure they were hoping customers would purchase the pricey replacements which were probably only available from the dealer.
can you tell me do you need only one inverter to operate both opera lights or do you need one for each side right left? thank you
I got a great idea what you can do with the other el strip...you can make my Riviera opera lights....Just kidden, your video was great. I tried to find the electroluminescent strips on here but to no aval. I will keep looking.
Thanks a million, CharredPC! This Instructable has enabled me to do what no other online forum or dealership can help with - make the opera lamps on my 1984 Fleetwood work again! I'm afraid I didn't do as neat &amp; tidy a job as you did, and couldn't keep things as stock as I would have liked (especially with the inverter, which still functioned perfectly). One lamp was physically damaged, so I wound up creating a new backing/housing out of styrene and used clear silicone caulk to waterproof the seams. The end result is very TRON-like, and totally 80's! <br>Thanks again for the thorough step-by-step instructions!
Hello! I am very thankful for this post--My son &amp; I are doing a 1985 Lesabre Ltd. <br>Edition for him--&amp; have been struggling to find opera lights. Could you please post the wiring diagram you mention? Thanks. Also your car looks GREAT!
Nice job - on both the lights and the ible. One suggestion though too late now, but you might have used a clear silicone caulk to &quot;glue&quot; everything back together...in case you ever have to re-replace. The epoxy is VERY permanant.
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well done bud! I'll soon do something like that in my 1993 audi
Very nice. I am a fan of restoring/saving/refurbing original equipment whenever possible.
Nice instructable. I was completely unfamiliar with this material, and this was a nice introduction to it.

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