Step 9: Success!

Picture of Success!

All that's left now is to reinstall them, fire up the car, and marvel at your brand new OEM electroluminescent lights!

A couple notes-

I ordered the White electroluminescent panels. You could technically do any color, but I believed White would be closest to the original look. Yellow might imitate the glow of 'normal' bulbs, and I suppose other colors would certainly give you a unique look. Just check with your local laws before slapping blue and red lights on your vehicle. A safe bet is to go with White, and alter brightness and color as desired by inserting colored plastic or paper between the EL panels and lenses. Just be sure it's exactly how you want it before resealing them!

My apologies for the low quality pictures. They were taken on a cell phone, so aren't perfect. If you're somewhere in Utah and want to see things in person, just drop me a line.

So what did I do with the spare EL panel? Well, that's the subject for another Instructable :)
MaddMann3 years ago
Nice job - on both the lights and the ible. One suggestion though too late now, but you might have used a clear silicone caulk to "glue" everything back together...in case you ever have to re-replace. The epoxy is VERY permanant.