Introduction: Rebuild a Broken Statue With Sugru

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Can you guess which eye I had to recreate using sugru?
I'm used to working with plumber's epoxy for fixing everything, so it was a treat to have this product ready-to-use out of the packet. AND it gave me a lot more time to work with than epoxy. AND I could press it into a thinner layer, AND it gave me an incredibly smooth finish.
For this frog's eye, I spread the sugru into a small sheet, then gently--with my fingers and nails--molded it to look like the other eye.
No glueing. Just press it gently into the broken pottery and let it dry overnight.
A lovely material to work with indeed!


sunshiine (author)2011-10-31

You did an awesome job! I could not see the difference.

projectsugru (author)2011-10-26

even with your big red circle, I can't see where you used sugru !!!!
excellent repair.
Delighted you love sugru :)

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