Step 11: Pack your wheel bearings

Picture of Pack your wheel bearings
Using the same grease and the same method, start packing your wheel bearings. Easiest is to start with the freehub side. Shown is halfway through packing the grease and bearings. Again, better to use too much than too little grease at this point.
The pictures really helped in packing my wheel bearings.
Prometheus (author)  cooleoboy10006 years ago
That was my intent, and I'm glad it was helpful to you. With your success, I feel my project was successful by being at least clear and concise enough for someone to "get it" like I was actually there with them. Remember, there is no such thing as doing maintenance "too often". Better to repack bearings more often than not, especially when submerged in water, and even moreso if submerged in salt-water. The only reason why bearings fail is because of improper maintenance, otherwise they should last nearly a lifetime, but only surgical precision makes that possible. Take pride in your work, and in the parts that make the function possible. When you truly appreciate bearings, you will know when and why they need attention, and then they will never fail you. Love them, and they will serve you well. Be thorough and determined for cleanliness and purity, and the results are very rewarding. When you tune it to run like a Swiss watch, it will do so as long as you maintain that perfection with an equal discipline of maintenance to the same standard. To strive for perfectionism is not a vice, it is a virtue, and the journey is quite rewarding to those who appreciate and pursue the effort. Thanks for the comment, I wanted to make sure my images were clearly understood, and apparently they were. I sincerely appreciate your validation and your appreciation. It makes me feel that my project was actually helpful. More projects to come later, with good luck. I will try to be as concise with future projects as well. I am glad I was helpful to yet another with my project. Good luck to your future ventures!