Step 2: Helps and guidance

Picture of Helps and guidance
The rebuild kit does not include any instructions.  The Blackhawk Parts web page offers a few cautionary and a few safety notes, but no helps on the rebuild procedure for the Saturday mechanic. e-How does offer a step-by-step procedure for rebuilding a hydraulic jack in text, but it is quite general. There is a very helpful link at the e-How page that takes you to a set of photos and some useful notes on critical stages for doing work on a low price imported hydraulic floor jack. Some of these things would be very helpful for the proper assembly, too. Floor jacks are remarkably similar, despite small differences. See the next step for information on helpful videos on-line.

The graphic for this step is an exploded diagram of a hydraulic jack and a list of parts.  This one is from a Harbor Freight jack. Diagrams like this one are easy to find on the Internet.  Just search for "hydraulic jack manual."  Diagrams like this one help with the names of parts and with a visual understanding of how the parts fit together. You can enlarge images in your browser to see more detail, or save them in PDF and do the same. But, if you are able to watch the videos linked in step 3, you will see how the parts fit together, too. (The day may come when those videos are no longer available on the Internet.)