Part 2: Truing the Wheel
Part 1 dealt with the install and pattern of the spokes. -->Here
This part deals with the process of centering the wheel in both planes, vertical and horizontal and ensuring that the wheel is also centered between the forks (front) or swingarm (rear).

While the 1st part went fairly quickly, approx 1 hr, this part took me fairly long, approx 2.5 hrs
budget your time accordingly.

Safety is always a big issue, so to that end I tied the center stand to the front of the bike so that it couldnt fold.
Failure to do will cause the bike to collapse onto the sump or exhaust damaging either or both.

Step 1: Centering the Wheel on the Bike

First I center the wheel on the bike in either the front forks or rear swingarm depending on which one I'm tackling.
In this case its the rear wheel so back on the bike it goes, setting it up as though ready to ride.
In the case of the Enfield its got adjustable cams (notched) to ensure proper chain tension and that the wheel tracks straight.

I find it easier to remove the top of the RHS shock and fold it down, as well as remove the mudguard assembly for easy access to the wheel and swingarm assembly.
I've installed a threaded rod to act as a pointer in the lower mudguard mounting hole.
Hey mate what make is your Bullet?
Nice instructable! How do you like the ride those tires you have offer?
Im happy with them, Ive scrapped the centerstand on the left side a few times, but generally Im no highway hooligan. :)

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