Picture of Rebuilding a Threaded Bicycle Headset.
I recently got my bike resprayed, I used this opportunity to learn a bit more about bicycle mechanics.

I had help with this task. Adjusting any bearings on a bicycle can be fiddly, but with patience you will always get there in the end!

Here is my Instructable on the first step of rebuilding my bike.

Fitting the forks and headset!

Forks: the bit of a bike that holds your front wheel, and steers!

Headset: the parts of the bike that attach your forks to your frame, and allow them to spin freely.
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Step 1: Bare frames, back from the painter's workshop.

Picture of Bare frames, back from the painter's workshop.
Mine is the black one! Flat black- the colour of the future.

Step 2: Prepare your headset components for rebuilding.

Picture of Prepare your headset components for rebuilding.
When we took the bike apart to be painted, we removed the headset and cabletied all the pieces together in the right order, and right way up to make it easy to reassemble.

Cut the cabletie, and lie the headset parts on your worktop in the right order, the right way up!

Clean each component to remove old grease and dirt, any solvent will do.

Whilst cleaning, check any part for signs of damage or wear.

A nice trick is to run a ballpoint pen along the surfaces that the bearings touch, if you can feel roughness through the pen, that part probably needs replacing.

We recommend buying new bearings rather than reusing your old ones.

Step 3: Fit headtube races.

Picture of Fit headtube races.
Lightly grease the external surface of the two headtube races.

We were lucky enough to have a proper headset press tool which makes installing the races a doddle.

If you haven't got access to the proper tool you could press them in with a large vise, being careful not to damage the races.

You can also knock them in with a mallet, but put a woodblock on top of the race so you don't damage them!

When properly installed, both the races should fit snug in the headtube and be in line with each other.
DoDo7291 year ago

You can build a headset press for next to nothing and it works great, You just need a length of threadbar, two large flat washers and two nuts. If you like you can weld the bottom washer and nut and just use the upper washer and nut to press in the bearing races.

Snotflower (author)  DoDo7291 year ago

Do you have an Instructable for such?

Here is an example of how you can make one:

Snotflower (author)  valosip1 year ago

Cool, thankyou :)

AARENAARON1 year ago