Rebuilding of a Old Chair





Introduction: Rebuilding of a Old Chair

I gave new life to a old, left on the side of the road rattan chair. I crocheted a swirl circle for the top of the seat and a circle for the bottom of the seat and sewed them together. I crocheted circles or put buttons on the small circles on various parts of the chair. I loomed or crocheted a piece and sewed it on some of the stem sections or I wrapped yarn around the stems.

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    I had been thinking of making one with a seat of chain mail.

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    That would be cool. I do alot with pop top crochet. may have to try it with that.

    Cute! I know that a lot of rattan seats in chairs rot out every year, and they can be purchased seatless for a lot less than it would cost to buy them whole.

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    Glad I got this one for free and it had it's seat so even better. thanks.

    Way adorable! Love it!

    Your chair covering is so awesome- what a great idea!

    Now this is really cool. Great job =)