Introduction: Receive Pulse Sensor Data in Android Phone With Heart Beat Visualizer.

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Hi there, This is my final year project & I want to share all of the steps to make this project by your own. I wish I could spend more time for it but this is all I can do in 3-4 days. Thanks in advance and enjoy....

Step 1: Basic Introduction

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So in this project, I am using these following components:

1. Arduino Uno X 1 (with atmega 328 as atmega 8 doesn't support TIMER 2)

2. 3.3 V power supply X 1 (I have used another Arduino, unnecessarily )

3. pulse sensor module X 1

4. 16X2 LCD

5. HC-05 Bluetooth module X 1

6. Breadboard, wires, 10k potentiometer and resistance (as per required)

7. and yes an android smartphone and a bluetooth terminal app in it.

Step 2: Making the Circuit.

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connect as written below...

Connect Pulse Sensor to Arduino Uno Board as following:

· + to +5V.

· - to GND.

· S to A0 of Arduino.

2. Connect LCD to Arduino Uno Board as following:

· VSS to +5V of Arduino.

· VDD to GND

· RS to D12 of Arduino.

· RW to GND

· E to D9 of Arduino.

· D4 to D7 of Arduino.

· D5 to D6 of Arduino.

· D6 to D5 of Arduino.

· D7 to D4 of Arduino.

· A/VSS to +5V

· K/VDD to GND

3. Connect 10K Potentiometer to LCD as following (refer image for potentiometer pinout):

· GND to GND.

· Data to VEE.

· VCC to +5V.

4. Connect LED to Arduino as following:

· LED1 (RED, blinkPin) to D13 of Arduino.

· LED2 (GREEN, fadeRate) to D8 of Arduino.

5. Connect Bluetooth module (HC-05) as following (refer image for the HC-05 module):

· GND to GND

· VCC to +3.3V

· RXD pin to D10 of Arduino.

*** make sure the 3.3 V is not drawn from the same Arduino as it may lead to power drop. I have used another cheap Arduino, you can go for a regulated power supply.

Step 3: Setting Up the IDE

I am using arduino 1.8.1

for visualizar:

check this link. It's not my git profile, I am taking help from it.

1. download the zip file

2.folder called PulseSensorAmpd_Processing_150 and place it in your Documents/Processing folder, as per step 2 in readme.

for additional help

Step 4: The Code.

Burn this code.

for code walkthrough you can use :

Step 5: Get Data in Serial Plotter

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after burning the code...

in your IDE, go to TOOLS > SERIAL PLOTTER.

make sure the baud rate is 115200. (at bottom right corner.)

wait for the graph.

Here some screenshots.

Step 6: Get Data in Android Phone.

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This app works fine for me, so install it from play store.

connect to your HC-05 and you will get the result.

Here some screenshots.

Step 7: Trouble??

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Swansong (author)2017-04-14

Thanks for sharing :)

ThaiHoang (author)Swansong2017-11-10

excuse me bro, why i do same you but circuit not run? you can help me?

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