Rechargeable Emergency LED Lamp for Dummies




Introduction: Rechargeable Emergency LED Lamp for Dummies


i will show how make a rechargeable emergency LED lamp.

All you need is a powerbank rechargeable from USB ( i show you 2 type of these powerbank , but you can use any rechargeable powerbank which are sold on market and have at least one USB port) and an USB LED lamp.

Step 1: Connect and Use

All you have to do is to connect the USB LED lamp at powerbank and you have light , a steady and good light .It last a long time , depend only by capacity of your powerbank and how much is charged .

Step 2: Enjoy With This Simple Solution!

Simple! No more fancy torch or some special lights.

Use this solution for home and emergency , You can also charge your phone or tablet same time if you have on your powerbank at least one more USB port .

Keep your powerbanks charged and you never stay in dark .



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