Introduction: Rechargeable Flashlight Vest in Best

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This is easy vest in best flash light,

it is very use full,

it is also rechargeable.

Step 1: Components

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we have this components,

one cd,

16 LEDs,

one PCB,

Big pipe,

one wooden circle,

two ni-cd battery.

Step 2: Soldering LEDs

Picture of Soldering LEDs

In PCB soldering all LEDs in parallel,

and out site two terminal.

Step 3: For Extra Focus

Picture of For Extra Focus

for extra focus,

we use vest cd,

cut the cd as well as line in photo,

and fix in PCB with glue gun.

Step 4: Connection As Diagram

Picture of  Connection As Diagram

connection as diagram all Components.

Step 5: Final Touch

Picture of Final Touch

fix all part with glue gun,

and ready Vest in Best Rechargeable Flashlight.


Swansong (author)2017-05-02

That's pretty bright for a small flash light :)

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Bio: this is amezing app
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