Rechargeable Weedeater Trimmer Solar Hack





Introduction: Rechargeable Weedeater Trimmer Solar Hack

All brands of rechargeable trimmers have a battery life issue because they need to remain lightweight. Over time the charge controller board does not allow for a good deep battery charge so they only last a minute. You can find them at yard sales all the time. If you have a spare panel with MC connectors this is a fun easy fix. An external charge controller (not shown) can be added for quick solar charges needed in heavily shaded areas. You can use up to a 50 ft extension cord before voltage becomes a problem. Great solution for larger yards far from power. No more burning up electric AC trimmers with 200 ft of cord. I guess you could use a gas trimmer but the exhaust is very bad for you.



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    I really want to try this. But I am having a hard time believing this works. I cannot help but have the feeling that there is a battery involved and that the panel is just charging the battery. If not, I am curious to know what the voltage output from the panel is. I am assuming somewhere around 18V. I appreciate the video, but I really wish this was a step-by-step tutorial.