Rechargeable battery for Lego Mindstorm NXT any version

WARNING: polarity must be check 3 times to make sure before connecting battery think of this as one shot deal. These will effect warranty on product so if u got warranty don't try it PLZ. If you really want to do it go a head to next step.

Step 3:

Make double or triple check that the connections are in the right polarity before connecting the battery. these will save you $50 on battery from lego and it might even save you shipping. 
In total these should be $25 or nothing if you already have the battery and the other stuff.

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Musicman413 years ago
apparently, the nxt is designed to run on up to 10 volts. I cannot remember where I read this. I believe the rechargeable batteries that actually are made for the nxt are 10 volts.
BC-45 (author)  Musicman413 years ago
Not sure cause i mean it uses 6 battery they are 1.5 v each that would equal 9 volts there possibilities that can go up to 10 v. Not sure there little risk there you're choice I go by my experience on other things that Ive done.
Well, I did some research. It is charged by a 10v dc charger. I am guessing this indicates the maximum voltage the battery can be. Although the nxt works on nine volts, it probably can withstand a little more. Source:
BC-45 (author)  Musicman413 years ago
makes sense kinda but sure you could be right.