Yes my car's SLI battery is tiny. It's a Lithium iron phosphate battery that I have in service since 2013. I decided to pull the battery and recharge then store it. I will put the replacement (or standby) battery as in the pic, into the car. Notice the condensation on the case. I store my lifepo4 batteries in the fridge since that's the best storage temperature for them and they are non toxic.

This is the only battery wired into my car's electrical system. In other words there is no lead acid battery under the hood or anywhere else in my car.

Step 1: The In-service Battery.

I actually have the battery in the glove box. Removing the stuff I store there, you can see the humble yet powerful battery.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries do not vent dangerous gases and are not combustible. They are in fact the safest Lithium battery available commercially. They are magnitudes safer than stinking lead acids.

Step 2: Removing the Battery.

I made my Battery a plug in type for easy removal and installation. XT60 connectors I used for the plug and play effect.

A strip of velcro holds the battery to the glove box lid.

Step 3: Putting in the Standby Battery.

The first pic shows the both batteries. The replacement goes into the glove box and is hooked in quickly.

Step 4: Recharging!

Using my little finger I carried the battery into the house. So amazing to have a car battery weighing less than 3lbs. Using my intelligent programmable charger, I recharged and balanced the cells.

Step 5: Storage!

With the battery charged and balanced, I put it into the fridge for proper storage. Again folks, there is no danger is food contamination due to the fact lifepo4 batteries are non toxic!
<p>All good . What you have not mentioned is whether you have another lead acid under the hood and how this battery is connected into the cars system. Clearly it is not charged by the alternator so whats the alt doing? What sort of car is it? How much current can you pull out instantaneously and how much do they cost and from where. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the post as I am a fan of LiPo's too . Where did you get your info on storage temp and non toxic attributes from?</p>

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