Recycle Furniture - a Pipe Carton Bench/table


Introduction: Recycle Furniture - a Pipe Carton Bench/table

I always work with materials that can be recycle. This is a experience make with paper pipes (that are used to store fabric, etc)
This is a strong material, and support a lot of weight!

Step 1: The Pipe

First, you need some paper pipes. You can found it in anywhere that work with plastic film, alluminium fold, fabrics.

Step 2: Cut the Pipes

Then, you have cut the pipe. I used a power saw , but you can cut with a hand saw.
In my case, I had a pipe with 130 cm (pipe 1) and another with 140 cm (pipe 2).
Then, I cut the pipe 1 in 4 pieces with 30 cm each (for the base -legs).
The pipe 2 was cut in 2 pieces of 70 cm (for the seat).
The ideal would be more 2 pieces to the base and more 1 piece to make the seat, but unfortunately I didn't have another pipe in my hands.

Step 3: Ajust the Pipes

After that you cut the pieces, you need choose a side of the each one of the base pipe and make a 2 semicircles (one opposite to other). This work to fix the seat pipe.

Step 4: Fix the Pipes

Then, you need fix the pipe seat in the base (2 base -1 seat).
I used hot glue, but you can use any glue that work with paper.
Be careful with the measures. Let a border about 5 cm before the base. If the semicircle don't fit exactly with the seat pipe, you can fill the empty space by using hot glue or even little balls of 'knead' paper.

Step 5: Multi-Utility

This is a base for more and more works. Depends your necessity or how many pipes you collect,
I don't make any ending. You can paint or paste rope to finish the piece.
You can make a sort of things. It's only a suggestion.
You can use like a bench, a table, a DVD support (increase the measure of 2 base pipes).
For example, large pipes can be used to make a bed.
Or playground toys or anything.

I have 2 large pipes that I use like columns and we to adorn in December.....

Use your imagination and good work!



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    9 Discussions

    Wow, I've never seen paper pipes that were so thick-walled before. Like this idea

    I love this!! I can't wait to try it! I really like the versatility, especially the dvd storage, I am thinking that stacking several units would make a fun little rack.

    1 reply

    Thanks a lot! Please, send me a photo when you DVD storage will be finish. I would like added and show it here! Anne

    You are most welcome. Instructables is my favourite site!
    It is full of the most marvellous ideas and projects. I am ever grateful to ALL of you for your ideas., which come from all over the world. We have enough room in our hearts and minds to look to the project, and add some positive feedback if we have the talent to provide it, rather than concentrating on negative criticism...

    You did fine!! Thanks again Anna.

    1 reply

    Muito obrigada!! (thank you very much) I love this site too! I found this web site when I was looking about felt and other stuffs. I learn new things every day here. Although I am graduated in Arts, unfortunately don't work with it (everybody needs seek money...) But, like Cinderella says, someday, my dreams come true... Anne

    I like your table Anna Nopper, it is innovative...and tasteful. Don't worry; your command of english is just fine, I fully understood what you were conveying!

    1 reply

    Thank you very much, Z...! I am relieved....I do my best to write correctely in English, but I always mix the languages (português - English). Some words were similar, but Portuguese don't have double letters like tt, dd,etc., and in my country we don't use the letter y , instead, we use the letter i (recycle - recicle)! Anne

    This is a nice instructable, very informative, and lots of pictures, but please for the love of (insert major deity here) use spellcheck. Your local newspaper throws out tons of these cardboard spools every week/month, so talk to a supervisor or check the dumpster for free "pipes".

    1 reply

    Thanks for the tips! Sorry about the poor english, my native language is brazilian portuguese . I can read , but I have difficulty about write. I will try check the words, but the structure....sorry.