Recipe for a Caipirinha cocktail - the famous cachaca drink from Brazil

Step 14: Cheers!

Picture of Cheers!
There are some who will balk at the complexity/time of preparation. To those I would say stick to your mass produced, artificially coloured and flavoured liquids where you simply "snap a cap". This drink is about standing around the kitchen, yacking, savouring its taste and is sibling to the "Slow Food" movement.

Warning: This drink is "stealthy". Think about it: sour, unconcentrated lime juice hides the alcohol taste, the sweet (and crunchy!) sugar also hides the alcohol taste and finally super-cooling with finely crushed ice tends to hide the alcohol taste. Use responsibly between consenting adults. The Caipirinha is in a class of drinks called a "leg spreader" - because it makes you really relaxed - and you go all limp - I guess.

I welcome your comments, variation descriptions and experimental suggestions.

OH!... and much thanks to Mrs. Caipirinha for the outstanding work she did.

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OhTheBether7 years ago
Yum... Thanks for the instructions, I want to make this and this a great tutorial! Have you tried it with brown sugar? That's the only way I've had it, and it is delicious.
Great idea! I was thinking of whether this would turn out OK with regular old granulated sugar (since I don't have the rough stuff right now, and live in Belgium, and am not sure how easy sugar-in-the-raw would be to get in a Belgian supermarket), but using brown is a fascinating alternative. Thanks! :)
If you still want to use coarse sugar, it is also called turbinado sugar.
duneman1016 years ago
Great instructable sounds like a great adult beverage, i will be face first on the floor this weekend because of these i am sure. Props for the cleav shots, your mrs. is a real looker.