Reclaimed 6 drawer Dresser (TECHSHOP BUILT)!!

Picture of Reclaimed 6 drawer Dresser (TECHSHOP BUILT)!!
I was asked by a friend to make her a dresser...the only thing that she mentioned is that she wanted it to look old. Old is not that easy for a novice like me, but I said yes, and she gave me a idea of what she was looking for, and I got started.


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Step 1: Reclaimed WOOD

Picture of Reclaimed WOOD
First I found out about a guy in Half Moon Bay with a sort of reclaimed lumber yard. I went there, and stumbled upon a relatively rare wood called IPE. (EEPAY). It is a rock hard hardwood similar to teak and is a really impressive wood. I bought the whole stack for like 60 bucks.

I used a lot of it for a playhouse for my kids, but I had a bunch left...It took a bunch of planing and cutting, but I milled it down to usable planks. 

Step 2: Glue up for drawer fronts and top...

Picture of Glue up for drawer fronts and top...
First, I used the TECHSHOP jointer/planer to get the planks down to sized I could work with. I wanted to have an old looking dresser, so I only planed one side, and left the dirt/weathering on the other. These were going to be used for the Drawer Fronts, so I made them as square as possible so I could face-glue them together.

Step 3: Building the frame....

Picture of Building the frame....
I used the TECHSHOP tenoning jig to create some good strong tenons for the frame of the dresser. I used some long solid pieces of IPE (EEPAY) for the framework., and glued them up with some plywood for the inside to mount the drawer glides on later.
mshaywoo1 year ago
I love this project. Could you tell me how you cut the grooves to make the drawers and also created the half lap? I would like to make some similar ones. Thanks!
kjbills (author)  mshaywoo1 year ago
Basically, you can do it the lazy but wrong way, (which is how I usually do things) or the correct way. Most people will set up a Dado Blade in a tablesaw that is the perfect width of the 1/4 inch groove for the drawer bottom to fit in. They will do the same for the half lap, with a larger width Dado Blade, or sometimes even use a router table with a 1/2 inch straight bit in a router and run the wood vertically with a fence.

I just kept the normal blade in the table saw, and made more than one pass on the table, moving the fence on each pass. Not the correct way, but it requires less adjusting and changing blades or using other tools. Hope that helps, and makes sense.
Great! Thanks! I might do it the same way since I'm not sure about using/ setting up Dado blades at techshop. One other question... to do the drawer pulls you said you used a router. Did you use the CNC router or is there a way to do it by hand with relative accuracy on the table router. I'm guessing you just drew the shape on the wood and then used the table router to get the radius the same at the corner of the shape. CHeers!! Thanks again!
kjbills (author)  mshaywoo1 year ago
Yes, I just cut the shape that I wanted using the Bandsaw on a scrap piece of wood. Then, I clamped that template to each of the drawer fronts, and cut them on the router table exactly the same with a following bit..(you know, the one with a bearing on the end, and a straight cutting bit below). That way, the bearing rides on the template, and the cutter cuts the shape identical to the template. Hope that helps.
Got it! I really appreciate the info. Thanks!
Not enough comments. Looks great.

I would have sanded and stained it just a tad to make it look more uniform.
ZaneEricB2 years ago
besides glue, did you use any biscuits or dowels or ? ?
Looks great! Love the stenciling :)