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I made an Iphone amplifier dedicated to the guys of the Reclaimed Audio Podcast out of some reclaimed Walnut that was ready for a fire.......this is my 1st 'real' instructable so please bare with me as i am still learning the process of putting these together.....thanks

Step 1: The Youtube Video Containing the Whole Process and Build Video

the Youtube video containing the whole process and build video


WoodCrafts 67 (author)2016-05-18

Nice One Mate Voted Good Luck :)

jpwoodwork (author)WoodCrafts 672016-05-18

thank you very much, very kind of you :)

jpwoodwork (author)2016-05-17

i did add a video but i cant seem to see it, can anyone viewing this instructable see the vid? thanks :)

No video brother...

thanks man, i think i sorted it now.....fingers crossed :)

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