Picture of Reclaimed Crate Wood Laundry Room
Remodeling a whole house can cost a fortune turns out and can use up loads of resources not just including $. So to lessen that amount using repurposed materials is always ideal. This project focused on the laundry room and saved loads of cash and gave a few food crates an extra life!

Step 1: The Crate

Picture of The Crate
I didn’t take a picture of the assembled crates but this is a close example.

Each Crate had 4 walls and a bottom and an open top. Made from either ¾ or 1” plywood or luan.  Each wall measured close to 48”x48”  the walls were attached to one another using rivets which had to be drilled out or hammered out using a punch.  Apparently food crates can only be used 1 time to carry food then they are deemed dirty and up for grabs to be reused.

16 pieces of walls and 1 bottom were salvaged
doug107411 months ago

Great job! Just curious as to where you scored the food crates? I could come up with 100 uses for 1 of those...