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Introduction: Reclaimed Pallet Ring

About: i love making jewelry and whatever other craft and also i have a passion for woodworking and small wood projects. powertool carving and the sort.

This is a very simple ring that I made from a pallet in my backyard.

I used simple tools and just spent some time enjoying making this ring, but not trying to rush it. I was at my fathers house so I only had limited tools, but I made do with what I had.

Step 1: Removing the Ring From the Board

After I found my desired hunk of wood, I drilled a hole just smaller then my finger. Next, I drilled smaller holes all the way around that first hole in a circle then I broke the ring part off when there was hardly any wood still holding it on.

Step 2: Roughing It Out

I then found a drill bit slightly smaller then the first hole that I drilled and put it in my drill with an old rag around it. I then forced the stocky ring-to-be onto the bit. This held it tightly and I was able to use coarse sandpaper, cement, or any other course surface to get the material down. I just turned the drill on high and started sanding down the excess material on a cinder block. This went surprisingly fast, and that may be because it was a really soft wood.

Step 3: Final Sanding

now I put a small piece of fabric around a sanding drum on my dremel and pushed the ring onto it. I spun that as I used progressively finer sandpaper to finish the shaping and sanding. Do not go too high on your speed because you don't want anything flying off at 35000 rpm.

Step 4: Finishing

I finished the ring by applying some melted beeswax mixed with petroleum jelly. This gave the ring a nice warm glow that I really enjoy.

Now the ring is done, congratulations.

I hope you enjoyed this fun little instructable, and I hope you all go out there and make one.

Please use the comment box below to leave any ideas or anything.

Ta ta for now and have a fabulastic day.

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Aren't you worried about the chemicals they treat the wood with leeching into your skin?

1 reply

There are Instructables on here I think that will teach how to find safe pallets.


What a simple, elegant build! I happen to have some hickory scraps with some beautiful grain, inspiration has struck. Thanks!

i will be doing an update this week due to a few requests and questions, if there are any ideas or steps i missed or that you want covered, please reply below and i will try to address them in the update.

I love the idea and the ring.

If you do an update, I'm curious how you wrapped that rag to hold the ring

while you sanded it. Please include a picture of that idea if you do update these instructions. I have several cedar trees that need to be cut and will have plenty of scrap for rings.

1 reply

thanks for the info if i do an update. i will try to include a picture of that step.

fantastic idea indeed and well done (I especially like the idea using cinder block as your rough course sand paper!). your final product is beautiful!! if I can get this project done in 1 weekend with all the kids ill be a hero for life!

thank you thank you

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You don't talk about how you finished the inside - you said you drilled an initial hole just smaller than your finer, and then you described using your drill and dremel as lathes (very cool!), but you don't talk about rounding and/or sizing the interior hole.

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oops sorry i will add an edit when i get a chance. since it was a soft wood i simply hand sanded using 220 sandpaper to slowly smooth and round the inside of the ring. i like hand sanding because i can make sure and not to go too far. the ring fist just right. just sand it until it fits comfortably on your finger.

Great idea. I like the thought of wedging the ring onto a bit so you can spin and sand it. I have some black walnut and cedar tree I had to cut down. I think I will try this with them. Thanks, nice work!

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ooh i love working with walnut and i like how dark it is in the end. please post if you make it.


3 years ago

This is awesome I love ibles that show ways to make things without professional tools. There's plenty of ibles on here that show how to make wood rings using a lathe but honestly if I had enough money for a lathe I wouldn't be wasting time making rings. I've seen a few ideas where people use a drill to replace a lathe for a small project but I never thought of simply using a rag to hold the piece on. I will be attempting this soon I'll post my outcome.

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thanks for the kind words and please post any attempts here. i would love to see how they turn out. i love using walnut. my favorite wood.

Fun idea! You mention not having a hole saw in your high school workshop...does that mean you're a teenager??? You deserve a big high five for spending your timie doing something creative and useful! You know how teens always seem to get the BAD press!!!

It looks great Corin!! :D You are so smart!! So creative!! :)