Reclaimed Pallet and Plywood All Purpose Table





Introduction: Reclaimed Pallet and Plywood All Purpose Table

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I moved sometime ago and money is now a problem. Bigger problem is lack of storage under the sink in the main bathroom, so, I got some missing pallets and a piece of plywood to start this quick project.

Step 1: Making the Top

After having cut all piece of wood to the my sink's underneath measures, I started by the top.

Clean and sand all wood available.

Place to the floor and make the base that will hold. Only used nails and screws, no glue, as this is well locked.

Step 2: Leg It!

Time to add the legs.

I left around 35cm height for the legs, as I would also have around 8cm for the wheels.

I attached from inside with some nails and screws. As simple as seen.

Step 3: Working on Plywood

As a base, I used some leftover plywood.

I put the pre-made top/legs table and draw the cuts. Saw and bingo!

Then just screwed the wheels! EASY!

Step 4: Final Look

And to finish, some stain, as it would be under humidity of a bathroom, so a nice hand of stain!

Easy, recycled, functional! Make it simple!

Hope you enjoy!



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    Ingenious! I have nooo room in my bathroom or kitchen for something like this, but I think this could be a fantastic coffee table! I really like the wheels and cheap is always good! I guess I will have to get a jigsaw too.

    Thank you so much for sharing your project dpiccine! Very Neat! Peace.

    1 reply

    What's up DIYLuvver2! I thank you for visiting my project and commenting, it really pushes me to keep aiming for new projects! Really glad you like it and, YES, this can be a nIIIce coffee table! Simple as seen, easy to do, ZERO skill required! Cheers!!!

    Hi PitStoP! YEAH!!! Just like a plug and play device! :D

    That is a clever and simple table. It could be used in many different rooms.

    I got a jigsaw a few weeks ago, now I'm loving using it. I'm going to save your idea so I can make my own.

    1 reply

    Hey Nannysan! Yeah, this is very useful table and as simple as possible! I'm glad you like it! Please share when you make yours! ;)