My wife and I walked past some wooden sheep troughs in a field down the lane from our house and my first instructable was born! She liked the shape of them and decided they would make great planters. However they are in use so I decided to make some from old pallets outside our house that are waiting for the farmer to burn.  here goes...

Step 1: Source Your Wood

First source your wood as you are using reclaimed timber its best to do this first then design the planter around it.
Remove all the old nails and other rubbish from your timber. This is 2 pallets dis - assembled  the individual pieces here measure 1270mm x 75mm x 15mm.
<p>I have made this as well. But not from the wood of a pallet. It came from a reclaimed fence.</p><p>All in all still recycling in my opinion.</p>
nice planter. I stained mine with some leftover green stain and planted geraniums in it.
<p>how long does it last? wood rots when wet constantly doesn't?</p>
<p>About 4 years, they went to the tip last month - or 3 years before my wife commented that they needed to go to the tip!</p>
<p>that is good enough if done from reclaimed or recycled wood, thanks alot.</p>
Where you state &quot;stir it in a clocwise direction 5 times&quot; - I feel that this is inadequate... I always use the spoon in a lifting manner, scooping from the bottom. this is a tecnique used for mixing paint which ensures thorough mixing.<br>Or 3 times clockwise and then 3 times anti-clockwise then stopping the swirl, as I think that leaving the liquid to swirl could possibly affect the rotation of the earth in some way.<br>Good planter though, Well done.<br>
love the comment of earth roation.... hahahah foclmao
this my first instructable so any comments would be appreciated. ta.

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