Step 3: Cutting List

I always find it best to cut everything in one go and then assemble your piece.

first the easy cut put 8 lengths to one side  _ easy!                       piece A

cut 8 lengths @ 225mm - these form the internal straps              piece B

cut 6 lengths @ 250mm - these form the end.                                piece C

cut 3 lengths 150mm - these form the feet.                                      piece D

<p>I have made this as well. But not from the wood of a pallet. It came from a reclaimed fence.</p><p>All in all still recycling in my opinion.</p>
nice planter. I stained mine with some leftover green stain and planted geraniums in it.
<p>how long does it last? wood rots when wet constantly doesn't?</p>
<p>About 4 years, they went to the tip last month - or 3 years before my wife commented that they needed to go to the tip!</p>
<p>that is good enough if done from reclaimed or recycled wood, thanks alot.</p>
Where you state &quot;stir it in a clocwise direction 5 times&quot; - I feel that this is inadequate... I always use the spoon in a lifting manner, scooping from the bottom. this is a tecnique used for mixing paint which ensures thorough mixing.<br>Or 3 times clockwise and then 3 times anti-clockwise then stopping the swirl, as I think that leaving the liquid to swirl could possibly affect the rotation of the earth in some way.<br>Good planter though, Well done.<br>
love the comment of earth roation.... hahahah foclmao
this my first instructable so any comments would be appreciated. ta.

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