Picture of Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack

This coat rack is very easy to make and it's practically FREE!

It's a mix of pallet wood, reclaimed wood and scrap wood.

I did this instructable for the ' Paint It' contest, but was utterly disappointed to find it US ONLY!

Hmmm...well it has pallets so I'm putting it for the pallet contest! Who knows, as they say 'Anything is possible' ;)

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Step 1: Collect Your Scrap Wood

Picture of Collect Your Scrap Wood
20140630_090507 (640x480).jpg
20140704_101036 (640x480).jpg
20140704_100953 (640x480).jpg
20140705_144614 (640x480).jpg

Collect any free wood. Scrap wood, broken pallets are perfect for this project!

You would also need

Acrylic paint, wood stain

Enamel paint ( optional...I used it as I had it and wanted that dark chocolate stain)

In pallets you can cut off where there are no nails. Select wood of various thickness. Rip the wood to the width you want. My maximum width was 1.5". Sand all your wood and cut to 10" length. I treated all the wood with wood presavative as I was nervouse about some termite holes.

suziart2 months ago
Fab, looks great thanks
sunshiine11 months ago

Gorgeous, I loved the different colors together! What a great use of pallets.


HollyMann12 months ago

Wow - great job Shazni this is beautiful! :)

shazni (author)  HollyMann12 months ago

Thanks so much Holly :-)

Wow... very cool :), I am becoming fan of your woodworking skills Shazni :)

shazni (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya12 months ago

Thanks Tarun. That's too much praise :-) I'm still a novi

Don't be so modest :). I mean it.

shazni (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya12 months ago

lol Thanks! I'll take it :-)

lindarose9212 months ago

This is great! I love all those colors!! :)

shazni (author)  lindarose9212 months ago

Thank you so much Linda!

crank_girl12 months ago
shazni (author)  crank_girl12 months ago


I love the stripes!

shazni (author)  Danger is my middle name12 months ago

Thanks :)

doodlecraft12 months ago

Wow, this turned out great! Love the vibrant colors! :)

shazni (author)  doodlecraft12 months ago

Thank you so much! I love how you paint most of your stuff. You have great color co-ordination :)