Reclaimed Wood Key Hanger





Introduction: Reclaimed Wood Key Hanger

i used reclaimed wood from when i took out a wall in my house i love using reclaimed wood because the beauty and aged look, i encourage everyone to use reclaimed wood.

Step 1: Cutting the Wood and Drilling Holes

cut the wood to what ever length suits you,(i did about 9 1/2")

then drill two hole at the top corners to hand it from the wall

Step 2: Installing Hooks/ Nails

install hooks or nails into the wood i used 5 nails because i needed to make sure they did not fall of i bent them up

Step 3: (optional) Paint It

you can paint it or use a finish if you want the natural look, i just painted it so it would match the wall

Step 4: Use It

now go use it for your car keys, bike keys, storage keys, really any keys you have



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    That's a great way to store your keys! I love the idea of the bent nails!

    thank you just needed a way to store my keys and have easy access