Picture of Reclaimed Wood Skateboard
Its summertime which means it is time to enjoy the long days and warm weather. One of my favorite summertime activities is cruising on a skateboard. I designed this board to be cheap, durable, and simple. I drew my inspiration for this board from the Z-boys. An innovative group of teens from 1970's Venice, CA, the Z-boys were surfers who evolved the sport of skateboarding. I read that some of them would cut and shape there dresser drawers and attatched rollerskate wheels to make their own boards. With my inspiration in hand its time to start.
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Step 1: Wood Selection and Shape

Picture of Wood Selection and Shape
A couple years ago my dad and I took apart an old, solid wood cabinet. I stacked the wood and stored it to the side waiting for another day(pic #1). The cabinet was made of three quarter inch pine. Normally I would not recomend a soft wood for a skateboard, a hardwood like maple or oak would be stronger and more durable. Although this board came from an old growth tree and contained 67 growth rings in just five inches meaning it is much denser and stronger then todays pine. So find yourself an old board or some thick plywood and get started.

I went for an old 70's cruiser style shape. The shape is simple and models after the original skateboard. Create your own design or trace another board, your call. Draw your design onto the wood and test the shape by standing on it.

Step 2: Shaping

Picture of Shaping
I used a jigsaw to cut the shape, although anything could be used(such as a hacksaw). After cutting out the board I shaped it smooth and symmetrical using a belt sander(pic #1). I then rounded the edges using a handplane and 100 grit sandpaper(pic #2).
*remember to protect your lungs
PaulinaO1 month ago

What are your suggestions for painting a design on the back? Like what kind of paint I should use and if there is a special finish that is needed. Also, I was considering doing a wood burn design as well. Your thoughts?

sespinoza42 months ago
I have a question for the author . I've been having the hardest time measuring the wheels so that they are perfectly straight. How did you do it ?
darrenhall3 months ago

I make instructables all the time but was inspired by this posting - have just finished my Double Trouble longboard made from reclaimed wood, any other decks will be made from the same materials.

Great instructable.

Nice board - I'm going to give it a go :)

gussiegal made it!4 months ago

Great tutorial! Used this to help make a board out of an old table. Made a few adjustments to your instructions, like coating my board in epoxy, and (while the epoxy was still wet) dusting the top with sand in lieu of grip tape. :)

princeofheart made it!7 months ago

Amazing tutorial. I used enamel paints for the floral design, the little bottles used for model trains and such. I'll definitely be making another.

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 10.42.17 AM.png
This is cool, I've got a good short piece of flooring for a enclosed Semi trailer I want to try this with.
Badetise1 year ago
for grip, you can apply a clear grip of recycled glass, about 14USD on amazon. you'll be able to see right through it and still have the benefit of grip
bbean1401 year ago
GREAT job, looks awesome !!!
War pig1 year ago
That's awesome.........I've always been a fan of skate boards that have that shape