Reclaimed-Wood Table


Introduction: Reclaimed-Wood Table

Had a pile of old hardwood laying around for a while and wondered what to build with it ...Watched one of Jimmy Diresta videos and was inspired ...



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    This is amazing! I think i will try that ;-) Thanks for sharing your work.
    I'm thinking about using some board below and maybe use some epoxy to fill holes.

    Really great!

    a beautifully crafted table. what did you use as a finish?

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    Hi , thank you for your kind words also ... I use a 50/50 mix of boiled linseed oil and satin clear for the first coat , i let that dry for a few days then applied a coat of satin clear as the final coat . I find breaking down the first coat , get better penetration , and the best part , it really bring out the beautful colour the timber has to offer

    Thank you for your kind words Mr Pallets ..LOL !!... I love your user name

    Table looks nice. I might have counter sunk the bolts but very nice.

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    I was looking for a different look, with the table, the threaded rods not only gave me the look i was after , but also acts as support for the whole table . thanks for you kind words