Reclaiming My Living Room



Introduction: Reclaiming My Living Room

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I have finally completed the Kids play room and now I have reclaimed a destroyed living room that is but an image of what it once was and what it could be. I have a 15 year old stained couch, no coffee table, no end tables and no accessories. I know what I want it to be, I see walls with no crayon drawings, pull up the nasty stained carpet (ugh, potty training) and refinish the hardwood underneath, a sofa with a chaise, nesting end tables, creative lighting, colorful accessories all to make a wonderful sophisticated space to kick back and chill. We have already listed the construction projects for the room, and will be picking a project a weekend until the room is ready to furnish, so of course I am already planning my favorite part, virtual shopping.

I already did all the fun design part here.

The toddlers have been relocated, so now it's time to make this room mine again!



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