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Introduction: Recliner Computer Chair

I Needed to free up some room in my small house to put in a wood stove, (and I thought it would be cool) so I refitted my la-z-boy to make it into a gaming chair/ workstation. I had some second thoughts near the end but over the last few weeks my family and I have been using it and it has been awesome. I know you can buy monitor brackets similar to this but they are flimsy, expensive and dont really do what I wanted. the cheapest ive seen for ones much crappier than this one was $99. I have about $20 invested in this whole project. I also ran a s-video cable and some rca cables to my tv/stereo on the other side of the room I just plug the stereo inot the headphone jacks and I can use the tv as an extension of my monitor and the home theatre surround sound for watching movies and such. but really its very hard to beat sitting in the chair and watching them with the monitor, and the speakers on the chair.

Step 1: Attaching the Monitor

to attach the monitor I used just peice of aluminum plate with 75mm and 100mm holes drilled in it, to suspend the center channel and mount the plate to the swing arm i used some 1 in. strap.

Step 2: Vertical Adjustment

pretty simple stuff, its a small peice of dog chain that allows me to adjust the arm vertically, i tried a hydralic cylender from a door closer first but it just didnt have the strength to hold the whole thing up.

Step 3: Top View of Monitor Arm

second arm peice, its important to go heavy on all this stuff so it dosnt end up flimsy, I used all 1/2 in bolts and lag bolts.

Step 4: Folded Closed

I put the 90 deg turn on the peice of the first arm so that I can fold the whole thing up against the wall to get it out of the way, I'm glad this is possible but it really dosnt get left folded up against the wall much.

Step 5: Mounting the Speakers

I have some logitec 5.1 surround speakers and they came with a pretty moddable set of stands, I just bent the bases up a bit and used some sheetrock screws and washers to screw them right into the armrests, not the most elegant solution but it works well.



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    is there another way to attach this to a flat surface? if there is, i would like to know how


    So after a bunch of diffrent versions of this ive finally got one I'm really happy with, it attaches to the base of the chair so you dont have to have a wall near it or poke any holes in it or do any noticeable damage to the chair. also Ive set up a website to try to sell a few of these to anybody who's interested they are on

    this is unbelievable!! this is almost exactly what i want to do in my basement!!!! only difference is that i want as much wireless equipment that i can have. and i would like to buy a bracket since im not so handy with wood working. but they are very pricey. this one is $174.99


    Life will be so much simpler when you can replace all that wiring with a single cable. .... that plugs into a jack in the back of your head. :)

    dont you mean chair & 1/2 ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Using a bike chain would be both simple and elegant.

    and mount the keyboard and mousepad like the helm controls on know,guy sits,panel rotates in front of guy,ready for use

    well that would be fine for small adjustments but I think it would be way too slow for large adjustments, the dog chain works fine for adjustents, but its not very elegant looking, some sort of cable lock I think would look good and work fine but I havnt found one that i like yet.

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    if you can see on the other side its just some posts that the chain hooks on, making it quickly adjustable.

    maybe a turnbuckle for adjustability...

    Very nicely done. I'm looking into doing something like this myself. What kind of wood did you use, and what shop tools were employed? It looks like oak; is this correct? I'd think that pine would be too weak to support a monitor.

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    thank you, I'm going to tear it all apart soon and check to make sure everything is wearing ok, but it seems like it is holding up really well, and i have 3 kids under the age of 10 that use it roughly a lot. When i do so I will try to remember to update my pictures some to show this dissambled. As far as wood, yes its all oak, the 1 inch stuff is from a stair tred left over and the slats are wainscoating, so really i dont think it cost me more than 30$ in wood if you had to buy it. these were bits I had leftover anyway though. as far as tools, a drill press was really handy to make sure the pilot holes and pivot holes were all square was really handy. A table saw, band saw and chop saw were used although I'm sure that you could use any one of those or even a hand saw if you had to. and a belt sander was used to finish it up and soften the corners a bit. I wished I had a router table though, could have made it a bit fancier.

    I'm building a futon with a similar function.

    I came up with the same idea but i did it with conduit and electrical boxes... mine works but not as pretty as yours. the only problem i have had so far is it tends to sag a bit from the weight of the touchscreen. only thing I have figured yet to fix the sag problem is to attach a Cable to wall then first electrical box to take the weight off the arm and put it on the cable. But I haven't committed to the idea yet. I'm hoping I can find a better solution. but like i said yours is very nice.


    very nice. I wish that they would sell these in stores

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    I do too, but if they did I wouldn't be able to afford it :P