Picture of Reconstruct your t-shirt with lace sleeves

Choose a cotton t-shirt that is comfortable for you and add a lace sleeve and any type of motif, I use a heart shape :) Wear it with leggings, jeans, shorts, almost everything!
Ohh! this video you must see until the end to watch some funny scenes :D

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Step 1: You will need.

Picture of You will need.

- t-shirt
- lace
- pins
- scissors
- sewing machine
- threads 


- Camiseta
- Encaje
- alfileres
- tijeras
- máquina de coser
- hilo para coser

Step 2: First Step

Picture of First Step
Super easy!! Let's start!

Picture #1 and Picture #2:  Start by cutting the sleeves, like I'm showing.

                                                Empieza cortando las mangas, como lo muestro en las imágenes.

Picture #3 and Picture #4: Then cutt the neckline like you  see in the pictures

                                                Luego corta la parte del cuello como lo puedes ver en las imágenes.

Picture #5 and Picture #6: at the bottom, of the t-shirt start cutting in the shape you see

                                               corta la parte inferior de la camiseta como lo puedes ver en las imágenes.

Picture #7 and Picture #8: This is how it will turn out after you're done

                                                Es así como te quedará luego de cortar todo.
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Wow, great job!
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