Introduction: Record Art

Cool and casual retro art

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1:power drill (cordless is the best)
2:drill bits (I used a flat head bit)
4:cardboard (any will do I used corrugated cardboard)
5;paper (cut into squares)
6:lots of markers!!!

Step 2: The Drill

Secure a bit to your drill

Step 3: The Cardboard

Stab the bit through the cardboard try getting it in the dead center

Step 4: The Paper

Stab the bit through the paper also try getting the dead center

Step 5: The Stapler

Staple the paper to the cardboard

Step 6: The Markers

Spin your drill and touch the paper with the tips of your markers to color it

Step 7: The Product

Voilà and your art is finished!!!

Step 8:


Riffifi made it! (author)2016-05-21

i did one with an old manual drill, it allows to vary the spinning speed and therefore to make some wavy effects :)
and i use some blu tack to stick the paper on the support.

bammer951 (author)Riffifi2016-05-21

Good job! I like that you used blu tack instead of using staples that way there's no hole in the paper

tomatoskins (author)2016-05-20

This is awesome! I love the circular design it makes!

bammer951 made it! (author)tomatoskins2016-05-20

Thanks! I didn't do a very good Job on the one in the insructable but it looks better spinning here's a picture

bammer951 (author)2016-05-20

Please like share and comment, Thank you!

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