Record Clamp





Introduction: Record Clamp

Record clamps help level and stabilize records on the turntable platter. They usually run $25 and up. This instructable shows how to make one for a dollar.

Step 1: Obtain a Hockey Puck

Pick up a hockey puck with standard weight.

Step 2: Find the Center

Use a caliper and compass to find the center of the puck. Mark the spot.

Step 3: Drill

Drill the center through with a small drill bit and redrill the hole with larger bits until the hole accommodates the spindle on your turntable.

Step 4: Set on Record

At this point you could add metal to the puck to increase weight, but I find the compression sufficient. You could also paint the puck or add a bullseye level to the center for a few dollar.

Step 5: Play a Record

Place the record weight on a record and give it a spin.



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    Since my platter is finely balanced, how far off center would I have to make the hole to upset this finely balanced turntable? Could I recommend that the puck be balanced after drilling?


    Haha, I looked at the thumbnail and was like, "Is that a hockey puck?!". Great idea!

    Nice! I wish I would have seen this a few days ago. I just turned a weight out on the large from brass. Way cheaper and just as effective your way.

    Me and thousands of once- teenagers never knew we needed this device, but I can see where it would actually be very useful, thanks for sharing this insider's tip.

    Who knew a hockey puck would solve this problem!!! Very clever!